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Light up all the spaces you need with this survival kit.

Solar Powered Lantern
A perfect solution for prolonged power outages.
Solar LED Bulb
Portable energy saving solar LED light bulb.
Kit of 5 LED candles
Charge during the day, to light up at night.

About Suneem Solar Pack

If you want to prepare for the dreaded big blackout, in addition to non-perishable food these are the must-have items in your home: torch, LED bulb and solar-powered candles.
  • The torch works without batteries or wires! You can have light thanks to solar energy or that received through the movement of a lever. Perfect for blackouts.
  • The LED bulb with high efficiency and low consumption solar panel allows you to charge the bulb very quickly whenever it is exposed to sunlight.
  • When there is no other option left, going back to candles is the best decision to have light in the dark. And if they are 5 waterproof LED candles, so much the better! Charge them during the day to have light during the night!
Don't run out of yours!

Main advantages:

Blackout Survival Kit
Everything you need in the event of a power outage
100% portable
All the products included in the blackout survival kit are fully portable thanks to the fact that they are solar powered.
No need for electricity!
The torch, bulb and candles all work without batteries or wires, so you don't need to plug them into a power socket to make them work.
The perfect kit for blackouts
In the event of a power outage, there would be no electricity, but that doesn't mean we have to be without power. Thanks to the Suneem Solar Pack and its survival kits, power outages won't be a problem!
Very easy to use
All the products included are made of high quality materials and are very easy to use.
The perfect gift
This survival kit is an ideal gift for family and friends.


Does the LED bulb include the solar panel?
Yes, the LED bulb in the Suneem Solar Pack Survival Kit includes a solar panel.
Does the torch need batteries to operate?
No, the Suneem Solar Pack Survival Kit torch is solar or dynamo powered.
How many candles are included?
The Suneem Solar Pack survival kit includes 5 solar rechargeable candles.
How long does the torch battery last?
With only 8 minutes of dynamo it offers up to 1 hour of illumination.
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